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Upcoming Events

EXTENDED THRU JULY 16!!!  Caroline Aaron (The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel), Marilu Henner (Taxi), Melanie Mayron (thirtysomething), and JoBeth Williams (The Big Chill) star in a rip-roaring new comedy by Sandra Tsing Loh (NPR). Welcome to Jules' stunning Brentwood mansion, where hangry (she's sugar-cleansing) Marilyn is throwing a surprise birthday brunch for Claudia, who hates birthdays. Champagne corks pop—and tempers flair—when their long-estranged celebrity friend Zoey crashes the party, fresh from her TED Talks. Expect hilarity, outrageous opinions, and unexpected wisdom about what it means to be a woman (no matter what pronouns you use) in the 21st century. 5/26-7/16 Odyssey Theatre, Los Angeles.